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    How do I know my bracelet size???

    Don't know your bracelet size? No worries, here are two ways to find out! Knowing your correct bracelet size will save time and stress when ordering. You can rest assured that your piece will fit perfectly and you won't have to return or exchange.

    With a soft measuring tape

    Using a soft measuring tape, wrap the tape snugly around the widest part of your wrist. Whatever number is at the top of the tape, add half an inch, and you've got your bracelet size!

    For example, if your wrist measurement is 6 inches, your bracelet size is 6.5 inches. If your wrist measurement is 6.5, then your bracelet size is 7 inches. 


    Without a soft measuring tape

    If you don't have a soft measuring tape, you can use anything flexible to wrap around your wrist and a ruler to measure the length you wrapped around your wrist. Some items you can use are: yarn/string, a shoelace, or floss 

    Wrap the string around your wrist so it’s snug but not too tight, making sure there's no twisting or bunching of the string. Pinch the spot where the string crisscrosses the starting point. You can cut the string at that spot, but if you don't have scissors, hold the material in place using your thumb and index finger. Take your ruler and, on a flat surface, align the measuring string starting at the zero (0) inch mark. Add a half inch to the length of your string to get your bracelet size. 

    How to care for your Las Animas Jewelry

    Proper jewelry care is important because it ensures the longevity of your jewelry. We want you to love your jewelry for as long as possible!

    Las Animas uses mostly water and sweat proof materials, but you can find a breakdown of each product's materials in the product description. Below is a guide to help you care for your jewelry:

    Gold-Filled: Water & sweat resistant. Clean with gentle soap and water. Dry well.

    Gold-Plated: Is NOT water & sweat resistant. We recommend not wearing your gold-plated items to work out, and generally avoid getting wet. If they do get wet, dry very well.

    Sterling Silver: Water & sweat resistant. May darken over time, use a polishing cloth to restore brightness.

    If you have any questions regarding jewelry care, reach out via our contact page or email us at We're happy to help!