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    How to care for your Las Animas Jewelry

    Proper jewelry care is important because it ensures the longevity of your jewelry. We want you to love your jewelry for as long as possible!

    Las Animas uses mostly water and sweat proof materials, but you can find a breakdown of each product's materials in the product description. Below is a guide to help you care for your jewelry:

    Gold-Filled: Water & sweat resistant. Clean with gentle soap and water. Dry well.

    Gold-Plated: Is NOT water & sweat resistant. We recommend not wearing your gold-plated items to work out, and generally avoid getting wet. If they do get wet, dry very well.

    Sterling Silver: Water & sweat resistant. May darken over time, use a polishing cloth to restore brightness.

    If you have any questions regarding jewelry care, reach out via our contact page or email us at We're happy to help!